How will you track your measures?

How will you identify target measures?

Will you be buried in a sea of spreadsheets?

As clinicians, you are faced with the financial impact of quality measures. Threats to successful performance include: selection of measures that are not optimal to your organization, lack of technology and infrastructure, and difficulty in comparative performance analysis within your organization.

proActive Management is your solution to manage MACRA.

Valiant Health’s proActive Management solution is designed to give health plans, ACOs, PBMs, and providers a detailed analysis of performance levels – all in real time.

Stop the sea of spreadsheets with proActive Management.

proActive Management is a healthcare platform designed to track progress of quality measures all in real time! proActive Management:

  • Analyzes data for each measure at the patient, provider, and case manager level
  • Provides updated information EVERY TIME data is loaded
  • Accepts data without limitation on timing or frequency
  • Allows for direct chart submission
  • Provides comparative analysis among providers
  • Identifies highly impactful patients AND MUCH MORE!

Don’t get lost in a sea of spreadsheets. Contact us to learn more about proActive Management and managing MACRA!