Connecting payors, providers and patients through a single software platform. 


theIssue: Quality ratings are impacting your business.

Whether you are a Medicare Advantage plan with reimbursement rates determined by your rating, an exchange plan with enrollment impact, a Medicaid pay-for-performance plan, or a provider, IDN or ACO who shares reimbursement, quality ratings are impacting your business.

theSolution: proActive Management

Valiant Health’s proActive Management solution is designed to give health plans, ACOs, PBMs, and providers a detailed analysis of performance levels – all in real time.

    • Robust web-based application
    • Complete Roster of HEDIS®, P4P, financial and pharmacy measures
    • Analyze measures at the provider, care manager, and member level
    • Tracking of individual metrics

Our solution includes consulting, software, and training all designed to help improve the quality of care of members by understanding each measure and determining ways to improve upon those measures.

theDifference: proActive Management

The proActive Management solution is different than any other quality rating system. ProActive Management has the:

    • Ability to identify gaps of care by patient, provider, care manager, or PBM
    • Ability to identify focus areas of improvement to increase quality ratings
    • Ability to achieve real time quality rating knowledge
    • Ability to view multiple plans on one dashboard without changing systems

Need to establish an incentive plan for your own care/case managers?

Need to establish a physician P4P program?

We can help.



Drill into your measure performance data and discover the members, providers and care managers who represent the biggest opportunities for improvement.



Build a real strategy with real data in real time. Improve your rating across system and departmental boundaries, presenting solid and consistent data to all parties involved.



Care/case management, disease management, and claim processing systems, along with their related portals, can be fed data from proActive Management

Need a catalyst to inject some urgency into your improvement initiatives?
Valiant Health can be that catalyst.